About us




     We are a Polish resilient enterprise established by experienced persons with a passion. Its history started in 2004. We focus on landscaping. In our offer one can find fountains, flower pots, columns and garden sculptures.
We satisfy needs of our clients and due to the trust of the clients we have become a leading manufacturer in the country. We cooperate with recognized sculptors and due to their efforts our offer has been regularly extended. Modern technology we use in the course of production enables us to provide best quality products, distinguished by a wide range of patterns, colors and shapes. Our efforts enable you to shape a unique character of the environment. You may have a dreamed garden being an integral part of a house where our products compose a unique atmosphere of relax and quiet.

As a leader of the line of the business we have extended the range of the offer and the products we offer are manufactured in our mill with a passion, to assure a future owner of the goods they were the best choice...

  Decobranche …is a production method of artificial stones combining natural raw materials and the latest technology. As fracturing and decrements are two basic types of damages and defects of a stone, we made a product which is resistant to such defects due to its serious strange, freeze resistance and water-proofing. The ultimate compressive strength and the tensile strength assure resistance to mechanical damages, freeze resistance means tightness of a stone and a resistance to temperature fluctuations. Water-proofing of a material eliminates penetration of a stone by water and steam. Decobranche is a technology warranting great physical and esthetical properties. Color layers are resistant to atmospheric conditions as well as UV radiation and heavy chemical compounds.

Decobranche  - we make your garden more beautiful